Patrol Division

The City of Richmond Police Department in efforts to promote the concept of Wide Angle Policing has broken the city down into beats. This allows each officer to concentrate on their assigned beats.

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On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: This month I made contact with Mr. Salinas, who resides at 1305 Concord, when I observed a brown Lincoln Town car on his property in violation of city ordinance (Junk Vehicle). Mr. Salinas was advised that the vehicle needed to be removed, or repaired, and properly registered and inspected. Mr. Salinas advised me that he was going to remove the vehicle from his property. On 02/02/04, I observed that the junk vehicle had been removed. This month I also made contact with Roberto and Sara Escalante, who reside at 1301 Concord. I introduced myself to both of them as their beat officer. They were both pleased to know that Richmond Police Officers make an effort to meet the residents that they serve. I also met Mr. Elizondo, who resides at 1302 Concord. I provided Mr. Elizondo with my business card, and introduced myself to him as his beat officer. Mr. Elizondo thanked me for taking the time and effort to visit with him, and for patrolling his neighborhood. This month I have no property crimes to report having occurred in my beat. I would like to thank all the officers for maintaining high visibility in my beat, as well as throughout the city. This combined team effort is what crime prevention is all about. The City of Richmond annual awards dinner is around the corner and I cannot wait to find out who the officer of the year award is going to be awarded to. These ceremonies offer a great opportunity for City of Richmond Police Department employees, and their families, to get together and have good times and good food.

Goals Accomplished: Removed a junk vehicle in my beat and met four citizens residing in my beat.

Goals Next Month: Met three new beat contacts and focus on crime prevention.


On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: Golovine:During the month of February I made approximately 34 beat contacts and I spent about four hours in this beat. Written warnings for junk-abandoned vehicles (City Ordinance #2002-17) were issued to the property owners of 2102 George and 1717 George. A junk-abandoned blue Oldsmobile was removed from 1500 George, a Nissan pickup from 2011 Fiesta, a gray Ford from 1800 Preston #31, a black Chevrolet SUV from 1808 George, and a brown Buick from 1812 Rocky Falls. I was able to contact Howard Woods, who is the property owner of the vacant lot at 1617 George. Mr. Woods had the junk-abandoned maroon Oldmobile and a white GMC pickup removed from his property. On Tuesday February 17th Sgt. Culpepper and I spoke to two nursing students from University of Texas. We spent about an hour being interview about Police work and community relations. On Wednesday February 18th Mr. Humprey, who is a schoolteacher at Deaf Smith Elementary, contacted me. Mr. Humprey is having problems with his fourth grade students and wished for me to have a talk with them. I spoke with these young students for about thirty minutes about obeying rules and laws, and the consequences of their actions. A few days later Mr. Humprey informed me that the kid’s behavior is improving. Due to bad weather and scheduling issues I was unable to familiarize Officer Medlin with this beat, but we are going to get it done as soon as possible. I am scheduled, along with Officer Henry, to teach Community Oriented Policing to the new class of the Richmond Citizen’s Police Academy on Thursday, March 4th.

Narrative: Medlin: This month in beat two I was able to meet three more residents. Cedano Martinez stated he was concerned with suspicious activity in the apartment complex at 1001 Pular, and was glad to see an Officer patrolling the apartment complex. I spoke with Shouka Momin, who stated everything was going great at the Food Stop at 205 Collins, and did not have any problems to discuss. Angel Torres had no concerns. Upon researching the “junk” vehicle list, I found that four “junk” vehicles had been removed from George (a blue Buick and a gray Buick from 1713 George, a red Nissan from 1712 George, and a blue Toyota from 2103 George) One had also been removed from 1800 Preston (a red Dodge from lot 38) since they had been logged as junk vehicles. I also found that two vehicles from 1800 Preston now have current registration, along with one from Rocky Falls Parkway, and one from Fiesta. All total of nine junk vehicles had been removed or are now in compliance from Beat #2. I dedicated about 8 hours in Beat #2, in addition to my normal patrolling attempting to locate any potential problems that I would be able to address. I look forward to working with Officer Golovine to make Beat #2 as safe and problem free as possible.

Goals Accomplished: Golovine: Removed the two junk vehicles from the vacant lot.

Goals Accomplished: Medlin:Met three residents of my beat.

Goals Next Month: Golovine: Get Officer Medlin familiarized with this beat.

Goals Next Month: Medlin: To continue to meet the residents of Beat 2.


On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: This month I was able to pick up my stats a little bit. The weather wasn’t to bad so I was able to get a little more done. I also met three new people from my beat. I collected more signs that were placed along the roadside and identified a few more junk vehicles. I will begin to try to get the vehicles up to date and operational or get them removed. I also passed out numerous stickers and stuffed animals to children around the city.

Goals Accomplished: I met three new beat contacts, identified more junk vehicles, and removed more signs from the side of the roadways.

Goals Next Month: Next month I will meet at least three more people from my beat. I will also begin working on getting the junk vehicles taken care of. I will continue to look for any city ordinance violations and correct them as soon as possible.


On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: Bennett: This month in Beat #4 I was able to issue three citations for dangerous structures and weeds, rubbish and garbage. A citation was issued to Emma Shorts for dangerous structure located at 800 Ferry. A citation was issued to Lillie Allen for dangerous structure located at 806 Maiden. I also issued a citation to Katrice Scott for weeds, rubbish and garbage located at 901 Maiden. Ms. Scott currently has workers at the location attempting to clean the area. This month a neighborhood night out was held at 812 Newton. Mr. Baltazar Martinez, who resides at 812 Newton, was generous enough to offer his residence as a meeting point so that this event could be conducted. This event was held due to the growing number of concerns in the Newton area. Mr. Martinez was excited to hold the event at his home. The meeting was held with the intent to show the community that crime will not be tolerated in this neighborhood. I also would like to thank Wal Mart for their generous gift of two motion lights that were be displayed at the event and then given away. Along with the lights two party trays of snacks were provided. I would also like to thank Mr. Martinez for supplying the drinks. Officer Henry #447 attended the event and was able to have Papa Johns Pizza donated two pizzas for the event. I would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Thad Davis who reside at 704 Newton for attending the event. Mr. and Mrs. Davis advised Officer Henry and I of their concerns. We provided Mr. and Mrs. Davis with business cards and advised them to contact us with any further concerns. I would also like to thank Mrs. Heather McBride for attending. Mrs. McBride advised us of her concerns. We provided Mrs. McBride with business cards and advised her to contact us if any other concerns that may come to mind.

Narrative: Henry: As with the last few months, having property owners clean up their properties which are in violation of city ordinances has been my top priority. This month three citations were issued to owners. I had been communicating with some of the property owners in an attempt to convince them, without issuing citations, to correct the violations. After several months, no progress at all had been made on the properties. It was deemed time to start issuing citations, so I provided Officer Bennett a list of the persons that should be cited. Since Officer Bennett, who is my co-beat officer for Beat 4, works days he contacted the violators and issued citations. Citations were issued to the following persons on 2-13-04: 1. Citation #35199 to Lillie Allen at 905 Fields for her dangerous structure at 806 Maiden. 2. Citation #35200 to Emma Shorts at 1617 Westwood #305 in Rosenberg for her dangerous structure at 800 Ferry. 3. Citation #35451 to Katrice Scott at 2020 Rocky Falls #111 in for her property at 901 Maiden. Since the issuance of the citations, Mrs. Scott had made a marked improvement with her property. There had been an extremely large amount of debris on the property. Now it has been removed, and the lot looks much better. Hopefully the other persons can follow their example and help make Beat 4 a proud place to live for its residents. I had been speaking with Mr. Louis Ringer for about the last four months. We have been trying to wrangle a garbage container to be dropped off at Mrs. Allen’s property. I have spoken to several waste companies, and gathered pricing information, which I provided to Mr. Ringer, so that he can assist his aunt Ms. Allen. Hopefully he can use this information so progress can be made on getting the dangerous structure removed. Officer Bennett coordinated a block party on the 29th of February, at 812 Newton. Officer Bennett brought sandwich trays from Wal Mart and I brought pizzas from Papa Johns. Though it was raining, several residents from Newton showed up. Heather McBride from 703 Newton, Thad and Tammy Davis from 704 Newton, and Baltazar Martinez from 812 Newton, who hosted the party at his residence. Officer Bennett was able to get Wal Mart to donate two motion lights, which were provided to Mr. Martinez and the Davis family. Several concerns were brought to our attention, such as neighbors who play loud music and speed at high rates of speed up and down the street. We assured them that we would address these issues, and try to eliminate them as a nuisance. Though just a few persons showed up I feel it was a success. I met three new citizens of Richmond who I hadn’t met before and discovered their concerns, which I feel can easily be addressed. Congratulations to Officer Bennett for throwing a great party.

Goals Accomplished: Bennett: I was able to make three successful Beat contacts. A successful block party took place at 812 Newton.

Goals Accomplished: Henry: Made three new beat contacts. Three property owners cited for city ordinance violations. One property owner removed large amount of debris from lot.

Goals Next Month: Bennett: Make three successful beat contacts.

Goals Next Month: Henry: Follow up on other property owners. Make three new positive beat contacts.


On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: This month was very successful for having junk vehicles removed. Five vehicles from 2010 Thompson were taken care of. The removed vehicles included a blue Ford Thunderbird (P26-HGL), a blue Ford pick-up (6CZ-N63), a blue GMC pick-up (TM1-484), a brown Chevy pick-up (3YB-W39), and a brown Chevy Caprice (F16-HHN). It should be noted that the apartment complex management was instrumental in helping with the junk vehicle removal. Also this month Cpl. Neinest and I worked towards getting the annual awards dinner planned. The date has been set for the 29th of March, and we are having the Swing’in Door Restaurant cater the dinner. As usual the dinner will be held at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Cpl. Neinest has also sent a letter to Judge Ted Poe to see if he would speak at the event. We hope to have another successful awards dinner. Also this month I continued my door-to-door meet and greet of Beat 5. I stated in the 900 block of Winston. I spoke with four residents. I was able to meet with Bob Wallace at 901 Winston, Glory Hoppkins at 905 Winston, and Jerry and Pete Styner at 904 Winston. Over all the folks I talked to were happy with city’s services, and enjoy their neighborhood. The only complaint that was voiced was over the speeding traffic on the street during the morning and evening rush hours.

Goals Accomplished: I was able to restart the door-to-door meeting of residents in Beat 5. I was also able to get several junk vehicles removed from the beat.

Goals Next Month: I hope to have a successful awards dinner.


Narrative: I located two new junk vehicles last month at 710 South Third. Mr. Martinez, the owner of the vehicles, has been injured and I told him I would check in with him at the end of this month to note his progress. I observed that Mr. Martinez has removed both vehicles. I spoke with Leslie Kelly and she stated her only complaint was her driveway occasionally gets block with the courthouse traffic. I advised her to contact us and we would solve the problem for her. Yolanda Meza seemed very interested in the Close Patrol program seeing as she is alone with her children. I told her it was available for her whether she is at home or away. The building at 211 and 215 Morton has been leveled to make way for the old Davis Bank building. It will be replicated on the same site it stood in the 1800’s. The project is spearheaded by the George Foundation. I will give updates as to it’s progress in the future. I assisted Cpl. Neinast with escorting a Trial Ride down FM 762 that was headed into Houston for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. On 02/29/04, I met Balthezar Martinez and Thad Davis at Officer Henry’s and Bennet’s block party at 812 Newton. Everyone was glad to see the officers turnout.

Goals Accomplished: Met three new people in the beat. Had two junk vehicles removed without incident. Spoke with beat contacts about problems in the beat.

Goals Next Month: Meet three new people in the beat. Continue ordinance enforcement.

On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: This month I made three new beat contacts. On 02-16-04, while patrolling in my beat, I passed 408 Damon. I observed an older man working at a table in front of his garage. I stopped and I introduced myself to him. He told me that his name was Warner Kloesel. Mr. Kloesel said that his drill had stopped working and he took it apart and was trying to fix it. After talking for a while, we found out that we both raised cattle and he and my family are from the same area. I then explained to Mr. Kloesel that I was the beat officer and told him if he had any concerns about the neighborhood to give me a call. Mr. Kloesel told me that other than his neighbor playing his radio a little to loud sometimes, he had no problems. I spoke with Mr. Kloesel for about 30 minutes and gave him my business card when I left. On 02-24-04 while patrolling on Damon Street, I observed a woman trimming trees in her front yard at 202 Damon. I stopped and told her that I was the beat officer for this area. I noticed the landscaping in the yard looked very nice and let her know. She then told me that her name was Blanca Lozano. We then began talking about her yard. A short time later, her husband came out of the house and introduced himself as Mario Lozano. Mr. Lozano told me that he was a firefighter in Houston. Mr. Lozano then told me that lately he has been missing items from the back of his truck and thinks that it is one of his neighbor’s from across the street that is doing it, but he has no proof. I then told Mr. Lozano that he could call the PD and have his house put on house watch and he said he might do that. I spoke to Mr. and Mrs. Lozano for about 45 minutes. I gave them a business card when I left. On 02-28-04 while on patrol, I met Mr. Dean Martin at 1310 Newlin. I saw Mr. Martin pulling the engine of his car and stopped and introduced myself. I told him that I would not keep him long since he was busy. He then told me that it didn’t matter because he was tired of working on it and he was finished for the day. We talked for about 15 minutes and then I got a call and had to leave. I gave him a business card before I left. On Sunday, 02-29-04, while patrolling in 2000 block of George street, as I passed a woman and a young girl walking down the road, they both waved to me. I then stopped and spoke to them. The woman told me that her name was Ms. Vasquez and she lived at the end of George St. She said that she knew Officer Golovine and a couple other officers. I then asked her daughter if she liked stuffed animals. She told me she did so I gave her an Easter bunny and some bubbles. She then told me that she had a little brother and sister at home, so I gave her some toys to give to them. She then told me that her birthday was tomorrow, so I gave her a big stuffed bear that I had in the car. She appeared to be very happy to receive the items. On this day, I also attended a block party at 812 Newton in beat 4. Officer Bennett and Officer Henry coordinated the party. The party was held at the residence of Baltazar Martinez. Upon my arrival, I introduced myself to Mr. Martinez. I then enjoyed some of the food as I took my dinner break. Before leaving, I gave Mr. Martinez a business card. Throughout the month, I have given numerous books, coloring books and stuffed animals to children in my beat and throughout the city. Sgt. Culpepper no longer has anymore coloring books, stickers, pencils or badges to give out to the kids. I have found that I can go to the Dollar Store on FM 2218 and purchase inexpensive stuffed animals and toys to give out, but I would appreciate it if the PD would hurry and order more badges and other items to give out.

Goals Accomplished: Made three new beat contacts. Met resident in beat four. Gave out numerous books and stuffed animals to children throughout the city.

Goals Next Month: Meet three new beat contacts and meet more people throughout the city.

On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: During the month of February, I followed-up on several residents who had junk vehicles on their property last month, and who were warned about the city’s junk vehicle ordinance. The first residence I went to was 903 South Seventh, which is the home of Ms. Cynthia Charles. While I was there, I found that Ms. Charles had removed the junk vehicle that was on her property. The second residence I went to was 406 Fannin, which is the home of Ms. Jesusa Monrrial. While I was at the residence, I discovered that Ms. Monrrial had removed the junk vehicle that was on her property. The third residence I followed-up on was 1104 South Third, which is the home of Mr. Adan Alvarez. While I was at 1104 South Third, I found that Mr. Alvarez had removed the junk vehicle that was on his property. The last residence I followed-up on was 615 Austin, which is the home of Mr. Enrique Chavez. While I was at the residence, I found that Mr. Chavez had removed a junk vehicle that was on his property. The second thing I did this month was find two more residences that were in violation of the junk vehicle ordinance. The first residence I went to was 1102 South Fourth, which is the home of Ms. Rosie Acuna. While I was at the residence, I issued Ms. Acuna a warning for the junk vehicle she has on her property. I also gave her two weeks to take care of this problem. The second residence I went to was 907 South Fifth, which is the home of Ms. Lisa Charles. During my contact with Ms. Charles, I issued her a warning for the junk vehicle she has on her property and also gave her two weeks to be in compliance with the junk vehicle ordinance. I will be checking these two residences next month to make sure junk vehicle matter is resolved. The last thing I did this month was conduct several welfare checks at Deaf Smith Elementary School. While I was at the school, I spoke with Ms. Szymanski’s class about the importance of responsibility. I also gave sixteen of her students coloring books and crayons for good citizenship. I have also started handing out Richmond Police Department pencils to students for good behavior. I have also spoke with Mr. Joe Emrey, who is the assistant principal at Deaf Smith Elementary School, and he has asked to help get the school a crossing guard. In return, I have started working on this issue and will continue to work on it next month.

Goals Accomplished: 1. Met three more residents in Beat #8. 2. Had residents remove four more junk vehicles from Beat #8. 3. Issued two warnings for junk vehicle violations in Beat #8.
Goals for Next Month: 1. Continue to target more city ordinance violations in Beat #8. 2. Continue to assist other beats. 3. Work on getting Deaf Smith Elementary School a crossing guard.


On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: During this month I was able to contact a few residents in my beat, and get their positive feedback, or concerns about in the City of Richmond. Listed below are some highlights of my contacts. My first contact was John Belding, who resides at 1805 Lamar. I met Mr. Belding on 02/02/04, while he was cleaning up debris from his driveway. Mr. Belding is pleased to be a resident of Richmond. Mr. Belding owns his own home inspection company, and has a wife (Irene Belding) and two small children. Mr. Belding was pleased to hear about the Beat Officer Program. Mr. Belding advised that the neighborhood is really quite for the most part. Mr. Belding’s only concern was the speeding vehicles that go up and down Lamar, especially towards the end of school. Mr. Belding also advised that kids usually go up and down the drainage ditch during the late hours of the night. They especially do this on Friday and Saturday night. I advised him that I would pass that information on to the other shifts, and keep an eye on it myself. I also advised him that anytime he observed this that he could also call in to the PD with the information, and we would send a unit out. I left him with one of my cards and advised him, if he ever felt the need for law enforcement presence just to give us a call. My second contact was Eugene Tomas, who resides at 1805 Willow. Mr. Tomas advised that he is a long time (26 year) resident. I spoke to Mr. Tomas about the beat officer program, and he was pleased to hear about the program. Mr. Tomas stated that he is the Principle at Foster High School. Mr. Tomas stated that he very much enjoyed the quietness of the neighborhood. My third contact was Mr. an Mrs. Donald Walker, who resides at 1706 Cypress . I stopped to do a property check because the garage door was open. I advised Mr. Walker that he left his garage door open. Mr. Walker advised that it was not supposed to be open, and thanked me for letting him know. He advised that he, and his wife, have been in the neighborhood approximately four years. I spoke with Mr. Walker about the Beat Officer role. He did not have any concerns to express about the neighborhood, he only expressed thanks for the job that we do, and liked the neighborhood. My fourth contact was Mr. Robert Haas, who lives at 1716 Magnolia. Mr. Haas stated that he is happy to be living in Richmond. Mr. Haas works for the Richmond Fire Department. I answered a few questions about the junk vehicle ordinance, and discussed briefly the role of the Beat Officer. He had no concerns to express about Beat 9. My fifth contact was Mr. Luis Vega, who lives in Houston. Mr. Vega is the owner of the Video rental store at 1706 FM 1640. Mr. Vega is please with running his business in Richmond. Mr. Vega had no concerns to express about Beat 9. My sixth contact was Mr. Jeff Schuman, who lives at 1606 Cedar. Mr. Schuman works for the Rosenberg Fire Department. Mr. Schuman stated that the only concern he had was the speeders that routinely come through his area of the neighborhood. I advised him that I would pass this information on to other Officers, as well as increase patrols in this area myself. I also advised Mr. Schuman, that I would write a letter inquiring about the installation of “Rumble Strips”. My seventh contact was Mr. Raymond Staffa, who resides at 1707 Mulberry. Mr. Staffa advised that he built his home here 28 years ago, when he retired. Mr. Staffa advised that he really appreciates the job that we do, and enjoys the quite neighborhood. My eighth contact was Mr. Scott Wallace, who resides at 1710 Magnolia. Mr. Wallace advised that he very much enjoys the peacefulness of the neighborhood, and is extremely pleased with the police presence. Mr. Wallace was very informed on who his neighbors were, and liked the fact that we wanted to get involved by meeting the citizens through the beat officer program. Mr. Wallace has three teen daughters.

Goals Accomplished: I. Made at least three additional beat contacts. II. Made inspections for lighting deficiencies in the Lamar Park apartment complex, none noted for this month. III. Made contact with Greg Zamora re: Janet Craig providing dispatching services for RPD.

Goals Next Month: 1. Identify lighting deficiencies in the Mustang Crossing Apartments. 2. Write up a letter inquiring about the installation of “Rumble Strips” for the Mulberry and Cypress intersection. 3. Get contact information regarding junk vehicles in the apartment complex’s

On-going and Upcoming Projects:

Narrative: The month of February is over. I spent several hours in my beat this month, talking to citizens and getting to know the area even better. I am getting familiar with which lights are left on specific houses during certain hours. This really helps me determine if there may be a problem at a particular residence. I also stopped by 2001 Meadow Lane during the shift and took a break to play some basketball with two boys who reside at that residence. I realized that my basketball skills have declined with age. The month of February also brought in the trail riders for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I did an escort for a trail ride that came through Richmond from Mexico. I made three beat contacts this month and continued my effort in looking for junk vehicles in my beat. I also continued foot patrols in the downtown area of Morton and Calhoun. I picked up several advertising signs from around the city, especially around the area of Thompson and Golfview.

Goals Accomplished: This month I started talking to new residents in my beat in the Ironwood Estates subdivision. I have started talking about a neighborhood watch program in that area. I am hoping to attend a community meeting when they have one. I also made three beat contacts this month and continued my effort in looking for junk vehicles in my beat.

Goals Next Month: In the month of March I will continue my efforts in making beat contacts. I also hope to make school visitations during the month of March.


Richmond Texas
Police Department
Recruitment Information

Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Richmond Police Department is to improve the quality of life for all who live in, work in or visit our community by delivering professional, effective police service.

Members of the Richmond Police Department are dedicated to accomplishing this mission by:
* Protecting the person, the property and constitutional rights of the people we are hired to serve;
* Maintaining the public peace and order through the fair and impartial enforcement of the law;
* Promoting cooperation and trust between our organization and the community;
* Working in partnership with the community to develop innovative solutions to persistent problems;
* Conducting public business efficiently and effectively;
* Valuing our employees as our most important resource; and
* Facing the future with a spirit of optimism and innovation.

We Can Make A Difference

Our effectiveness in accomplishing our mission will be measured by the absence of fear of crime in our community and by the level of respect for our efforts.


* must be a citizen of the United States
* must have completed 12 college hours, in addition to hours earned in a police academy, with at least a 2.0 GPA, or 2 years full time law enforcement experience, or 2 years military service
* not be on probation or parole for any criminal offense
* no convictions for Driving While Intoxicated or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs within the past two (2) years
* no active indictments or convictions for a felony offense
* no conviction for a Class A misdemeanor within the past twelve (12) months or Class B misdemeanor within the last six (6) months
* vision correctable to 20/20
* hearing correctable to equivalence of 15-15
* hold a valid Texas peace officer license and has never had a license issued by any State law enforcement regulatory commission revoked
* No illegal drug usage twenty-four (24) months prior to application

Employment Applications Available at Richmond City Hall 402 Morton St. Richmond Texas 77469



1. When a test date is announced current qualified applicants will be notified of the date, time and location of the test.
2. A written test will be given or arranged by the Richmond Police Department.
3. After the written test, a selected number of qualified applicants will go before an oral interview board.
4. Applicants still being considered after the oral interview will undergo a comprehensive background check before employment.
5. Applicants will be required to successfully complete the following after their background investigation has been approved, and a conditional offer of employment has been made:
A. physical examination, to include a drug screening
B. psychological examination
6. The selection process will be administered, scored, evaluated and interpreted in a fair and uniform manner.
7. Selection files, such as test scores, personal history statements and background investigations will be maintained in a secure area. At all times this information will be kept confidential.
8. The Chief of Police, after a review of the successful applicant’s files, will make the final determination for hiring.
9.The selection process will be completed as quickly as possible, but usually takes several weeks, and all applicants will receive written notification regarding the disposition of their application.
10.An unsuccessful applicant that wishes to reapply when another position is advertised should contact the personnel office to see if their application is still valid. Applications must be updated before resubmission.

600 Preston Street
Richmond, Texas 77469
(281) 342-2849


SERGEANT up to: $19.57 / Hour
DETECTIVE up to: $19.47 / Hour
POLICE OFFICER from: $15.25-18.12 / Hour
NON-SWORN, HOURLYDISPATCHER from: $12.50-16.00 / HourDISPATCHER – Probationary $12.00 / HourRECORDS CLERK $12.00 / HourADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY $13.25 / Hour

SICK DAYS 12 Days per Year
LONGEVITY PAY $ 4.00 Per Month, after 1 Year
FUNERAL LEAVE 3 Days per Year

ADVANCED $ 75.00
MASTER $100.00

Master’s Degree $125.00 / Month
Bachelor’s Degree $100.00 / Month
Associate’s Degree $75.00 / Month
Drug Recognition Expert $25.00 / Month
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Expert $25.00 / Month
Firearms Instructor $25.00 / Month
Emergency Telecommunications Proficiency $50.00 / Month
Spanish Speaking Proficiency $75.00 / Month
Field Training Officer $75.00 / Month

11 Days per Year, accrued biweekly

INSURANCEEmployee Health and Dental
Dependent Insurance Available @ additional cost

RETIREMENTTexas Municipal Retirement System
20 Year Retirement
5 Year Vesting